About ‘Awashijira-ori (Awashijira Textiles)’
Shijira-ori, a technique of textiling originally developed as a result of the laborious research efforts of Hana Kaifu during the Meiji Restoration, was developed as a textile to help those comfortably live out the mugginess of the Japanese summer. Shijira-ori is known for the bumpiness in the fabric that allows for a smooth flow of air, while sporting a look as well as a feel that is both cooling and refreshing. After folding cloth and dipping it hot water at around 75℃,one then dries the fabric—allowing for a texture of concavities and convexities to develop throughout the fabric itself. This asperity allows for a fresh texture that is pleasant to the touch, while the fabric itself is both lightweight and cool. The cotton used in the fabric gifts it with superior ability to absorb moisture, and acts as an optimal garb for keeping cool in high temperatures. Our firm mainly focuses in the use of plain, non-patterned designs—a form of fabric rarely found in circulation.



Where It’s Made
Nagao Orifu General Partnership Corporation First established in year 30 of the Meiji era (1897). Originally involved in the development of white, plain shijira-ori for use in undergarments for monk’s garbs, Nagao Orifu began working in the production of colored garments after the abolishment of cotton production restrictions in year 26 of the Showa era (1951). All manufacturing processes are fully performed in-house, beginning from dying and spanning to the weaving and finalizing processes.



Recommended Uses
Ideal for use as a futon/duvet cover due to its width, while using these textiles as a pajama garment allows one to personally feel the high quality of the fabric through one’s own sense of touch.


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