About ‘Yaezou’s Yonmarusou’
This form of textile utilizes both organic cotton threads from Indonesia as well as threads spun from Japan. While abstaining from use of glues and preservatives, this material is gently and slowly spun through shuttle looms as to not apply stress to the thread. For that reason, the threads are known for their high concentration, while also possessing flexibility and softness. Yorumansou is another name for the product resultant of twisting two 40-count threads together, and serves as this plant’s specialty. Out of Yaezou’s insistence to ‘do the best with what you have,’ our firm only produces only two types variants—plain weave and twill.



Ishii Orimono Kojo (Plant)
Founded in year 32 of the Meiji era (1899). At first dealt with Kokura-ori and Sanada-himo (Sanada cords) obi materials but shifted focus during the management of the second-generation president to the creation of fabrics for school and work uniforms in accordance with the shifting of the times. ‘We break-even by our own effort’ was a saying that Yaezou, the third-generation president, was fond of. At present, the Ishii Orimono Kojo is managed through dual efforts of husband and wife. The two make the most of all the high-quality materials they deal with, even as the times have made the price of fabrics and materials cheaper.



Recommended Use
This fabric, both flexible and strong at the same time, was used in student uniforms and white lab uniforms in the past. Best suited for use in bottoms, light wear, and work clothes.


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